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The obligation to carry out systematic evaluation activities of the Regional Operational Programme, as well as the general rules for these activities are provided in the General Council Regulation (CE) no. 1083/2006, establishing the general provisions regarding the European Fund for Regional Development, the European Social Fund and the Cohesion Fund (Articles 36, 47-49).

The regulation foresees that the ex-ante evaluation of the operational programs is the responsibility of the member states, and the ex-post evaluation is the responsibility of the Commission. Also, the text of the regulation mentioned that during the programming period "...the member states shall conduct on-going evaluations related to monitoring the operational programmes, particularly when the monitoring of operational programmes reveals a major deviation from the initial purposes or when proposals are made for reviewing the operational programmes ...".

The ongoing evaluation activity of ROP 2007-2013 is foreseen in the Multiannual Evaluation Plan, that contains the ROP evaluation strategy for the whole implementation period. The plan has a provisional character; the evaluation process is best managed by the Annual Evaluation Plans, more specific and detailed, which are benchmarks for evaluation activities of the ROP.