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The purpose of this section is to provide you all the necessary information in order to understand in detail the programmes of the ROP and create good applications for projects. Whether you are a potential applicant, a journalist or a researcher, in this section you will find useful materials such as:

  • The programming document (ROP 2007-2013) and and the Programme Complement of ROP, describing in detail all aspects of the programme;
  • Application and Applicant's Guidelines for projects financed under the key areas of intervention of the Regional Operational Programme.
  • The annual of the ROP MA (Managing Authority) and MInutes of meeting of the ROP Monitoring Commitee;
  • Regio Visual Identity Manual

Programming Document and programme complement


The ROP Programming Document is the strategic document defining the background, objectives, structure, allocation of funds per axis, relevant bodies and internal procedures of ROP. It has been negotiated and agreed with the European Commission.

The ROP Programme Complement is another strategic document summarising all the details that are relevant to the key areas of intervention of ROP, such as amounts allocated, eligibility criteria for applying, eligible projects etc. It is a document that has not gone through the approval of the EC, as it basically summarises information that can be found in the ROP Programming document.

Download the ROP strategic documents:

ROP Programming Document - updated 2011
ROP Programme Complement, Aug 2011
ROP Programme Complement, Dec 2010
ROP Programme Complement, Oct 2010
ROP Programme Complement, Sept 2010
ROP Communication Plan
ROP Communication Plan, Second Edition, Sept 2010